Hey everyone,

Just passing along this week’s love bomb mission.

Hey everyone,

Man, this is a hard one. Bonnie is a sweet woman who was suggested to us by one of our own team members (her niece!), Rachael.

Bonnie lost her second son in a motorcycle accident recently, and she writes,

“Forty Percent….Gone. If I break it down by the numbers that is my loss so far. Five kids, two gone. Forty percent of my posterity gone.”

In Rachael’s words, “The loss was hard for us, but mostly for his parents. My Aunt Bonnie lost one child a few years ago, so this is her second son to pass away. It’s hard to lose one son as it is, and now she has lost another. My Aunt could really use some love and words of comfort at this time.”

I’ve heard it said that there is no pain more excruciating or deep than a mother losing her child, as it is an unnatural and “backwards” loss. No parent should have to see their child die, much less two.

Please join me in showering Bonnie in love, compassion and comfort.

You can comment on her post here: http://bonniesbrainstorm.blogspot.com/2010/09/by-numbers.html

Time to drop a Love Bomb, team!