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Hey everyone!

This week we are dropping a Love Bomb on a young woman named Victoria.

Several of you may know that it is National Invisible Illness Week – it is a reminder to all of us that even though we may not see pain or sickness on the surface, we never know how much someone is suffering.

Victoria has Lyme disease, and writes in her post,

“Sometimes I wish my illness was visible because maybe people would be more understanding. People don’t understand how you can look normal but claim to be so sick. Many times you will lose friends because they think you are faking it. Doctors will send you away because you look “okay”. We just want someone to validate how bad we feel and how hard we worked just to leave the house.”

Many of us suffer from invisible illnesses of our own kinds: depression, panic attacks, a broken heart, chronic pain, medical conditions, and so on. We can’t walk around reminding everyone how much pain we are in, and we all know how difficult it is to suffer through something without recognition or validation. It is so important for us to remember to love one another generously and express it constantly; we never know how much it is needed.

Victoria said, “One of the best things you can do for a chronic illness is leave random notes for the person suffering that will make them laugh or tell them that you are behind them 100%.” Little does she know she’s about to get plenty of that!

Please join us in sharing some love, encouragement, laughs or support for Victoria! You can comment on her blog here:

Alright team, time to go drop a Love Bomb!



Hey Team!

This week we are doing something just a tad different.

Typically we drop a Love Bomb on one person, but this week we are dropping a Love Bomb on the entire Chicago Fire Department.

Chris Wheatley, one of their firefighters, died in the line of duty on August 9th.

Nate and I would like for this Love Bomb mission to be two-fold:

1) To encourage, support and comfort the Chicago Fire Department as they’ve lost a brother in duty.

2) To thank the Chicago Fire Department for serving their community so faithfully.

As most of you know, Nate (@ItStartsWithUs) runs our parent organization, ItStartsWith.Us – their 15 minute mission for this week is to help out a service worker. Every now and then the ItStartsWithUs team helps us drop our Love Bombs, so I thought it would be awesome if we could do our part by supporting a service worker (a lot of them!) while we drop our Love Bomb at the same time!

You can leave a comment on the Chicago Fire Department’s blog here:


Sorry this is late!

Hey Love Bomb family!

We are dropping today’s Love Bomb on a 17 year old girl named Rachel.

She lost her dad and ever since has dealt with eating disorders, and is struggling through life without him. Her mom avoids serious conversations with her and she is afraid to get help. She’s in counseling, which is wonderful –  but we all know how irreplaceable personal words of encouragement are.

In one of her recent posts, she bullet-pointed a list of things she had to show for nearly being 18:

– I drink too much
– I have social anxiety
– I’m failing school
– I’m ugly
– I’m fat
– I can’t even get the courage to meet my own sister
– I lack the energy to even fake happiness
– I have recurring thoughts of self-harm
– I keep relapsing into “disordered eating behaviours”

In her last post, the one we’ll be commenting on, she ends with,

“What I need is some inspiration. I need someone I admire to tell me every thing’s going to be alright. That they believe in me. That I’m not the fat failure I think I am. – unfortunately I can’t see that happening any time before it’s too late, if it’s not already too late.”

Alright guys. You know what to do. We ARE Rachel’s inspiration, encouragement, love, and support.  It’s time to tell her how beautiful and valuable she is. I want to blow her away.

To comment on her blog, go here:

Time to drop a Love Bomb, friends!

“There is no limit to the good one can do, when he cares not who gets the credit.” – Unknown

Welcome to Thursday’s Talk where I will bring you a round up of other blog articles, news articles, or anything else I found interesting that I think you should read.


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(I’m adding this category so I can try to give you stories of hope that I’m not sure fit anywhere else)

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“We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life.” – William Osler

Type: Event

Category: Environment

Organization: Sierra Club

Sierra Club is holding an experiment to see who can live without a carbon impact. It will start this Sunday (the day after my birthday) and I was wondering if we could get a group of people together who read this blog to participate. So if you want to participate (and if you want to participate with me!) fill out the form and drop “Do Good More Blog ( in the box where it asks if you are part of a group.

“Christians are supposed not merely to endure change, nor even to profit by it, but to cause it.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

Type: Event (Volunteer)

Category: Children, Health

Organization: Children’s Cancer Association

Children’s Cancer Association will be holding their annual Celebration of Courage on September 12th in downtown Portland. They are currently looking for volunteers for this event, so if you live in the Portland area, please consider volunteering. If you would like to volunteer please contact Melissa at mowens at joyrx dot org.

“Be bold, be bold, and everywhere be bold.” – Herbert Spencer

So, you may be asking yourself, what is a love bomb. Well a love bomb is where once a week a bunch of awesome people from around the web get together to encourage one person by sending lots of love to their blog in the form of comments of encouragement. Pretty easy right? It sounds simple, but it makes a huge difference.

So here is today’s love bomb mission for a woman named Katie.

Katie was suggested by Amy, one of our own team members. In Amy’s own words:

“This sweet, creative girl has lost her brother and brother-in-law, and now just found out her dad likely haspancreatic cancer (and it’s serious) and is beyond devastated. He had a procedure and they are awaiting test results (due on Wed.). She can use all the support she can get.”

This woman has already been through so much, and she is very close to her father. On her blog she talks a little bit about who he is to her:

I do not know what I would do without my Dad.  What he adds to my life is not replaceable. He is always the voice of reason, the giver of wise advice and the preventer of near disasters.  Really.  For a lot of people, he is their rock.”

I can’t imagine how hard her struggles must be and having had a nightmare where I lost my dad before I would never wish it upon anyone in real life. Especially not at such a time as this.

You can comment on her blog post here:

Time to drop a Love Bomb.

This week’s partners:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Also, parts of this post were written by Lauren Lankford, so I can not take complete credit. But it’s about the mission people and helping Katie, not who writes it.

Just an update, but the early bird registration for the AASHE Conference has been extended to Thursday. August 19th. You can find out more details from my earlier post here.