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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  – Mohandas Gandhi

Type: Action

Category: Environment

Organization: Green America

Currently, the EPA has opposed two very different plans for what to do with coal ash, a waste product that coal leaves us with. This is a toxic substance that can be very harmful to humans. One plan calls for states and such to deal with it on there own and classifying it as a non-hazardous waste. The other plan calls for it to be a hazardous waste and for the EPA to regulate it. This is the plan that should happen considering the environmental and human damage is causes. Tell the EPA to make it a hazardous waste today.


“Those who take bold chances don’t think failure is the opposite of success. They believe complacency is.” – Unknown

Type: Action

Category: Pro-Life

Organization: Family Research Council

As you may or may not know, the FDA approved a drug called “Ella” for use as a “contraceptive.” However, what they’re not telling you is that this drug is not a contraceptive, but an abortifacient. They are asking that you sign their petition against this drug. The website also has a video so you can learn more about what women are not being told about this drug. You can watch the video and sign the petition here.

“Let us be bold. Let us be brave. Let us be together.”- Brad Henry

Type: Action OR Funds Request

Category: Disaster Relief

Organization: Music for Relief

Music for Relief is asking for your support to help more than half a million people displaced by flooding in Pakistan.

Monsoon rains have caused the worst flooding in Pakistan in 80 years, submerging roads and bridges and cutting off survivors from critical supplies of medicine, food and clean water.  20 million people have been affected more than the number of people affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake combined.

890,000 homes destroyed, and 2.6 million acres of crop lands are under water.  With their homes and livestock destroyed, millions of families have had their lives turned upside down.  Displaced families are camping on roadsides.  Many lack shelter, food, and clean water.

MFR is partnering with the UN Refugee Agency to help provide shelter and life-saving aid to millions of people in need.

Their goal is to reach and serve 560,000 survivors, but we need your ongoing support.

As you may or may not know, Pakistan has a special place in my heart. Since learning about them for Model UN when I was a freshman, I have come to truly realize how unique and special they are. It would really mean a lot to me if you could help them out.

Here are two ways you can help:

Funds Request: Make a donation to help victims of the Pakistan Floods today. Go to to make a contribution.  100% of your donations will help survivors in Pakistan; MFR is matching individual donations up to $10,000 for this recovery effort.

Action: Or support MFR’s Pakistan Flood Relief on Go to and complete the activities.  Even if you are unable to make a financial donation, you can help those affected by the Floods on  To start earning donations for the victims, support Music for Relief on SocialVibe.

Note: Not all of this post was written by me, some of it was written by Grace, a marketing intern for Music for Relief. But like I said, it’s not about who writes it, but about helping people.

“Our solutions must be beyond anything we have ever considered, … We should not be afraid to try bold new approaches.”  -Mary Landrieu

Type: Action (Petition)

Category: Health

Organization: Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is asking that you sign a petition calling upon Congress to make Alzheimer’s disease a national priority and to help eventually find a cure for such a deadly disease. Please sign onto their petition here.

“We need to be visionary; we have to be bold.” – Angela Hunt

Type: Action (Fundraiser)

Category: Animals

Organization: ASPCA

Do you have a pet? Great, you can do a little something to help out the ASPCA. Currently, if you get a quote on pet insurance (don’t even have to buy it, just have to get a quote), the company will donate $1 up to $10,000 dollars. It’s an easy way to give money to a great cause. I know a lot of times it’s hard to have money to personally give, that’s why opportunities like this are so great. Get your quote here.

“It seems to me that any full grown, mature adult would have a desire to be responsible, to help where he can in a world that needs so very much, that threatens us so very much.”  -Norman Lear

Type: Action

Category: Free Speech, Net Neutrality

Organization: Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is an unlikely organization to be advocating on behalf of net neutrality when they, by their own admittance, deal primarily with environmental issues. However, they have realized that without a policy of net neutrality in place, their voice and the power the internet gives them to speak up against environmental wrongs will be severely limited. That is why they are asking you to contact the FCC and Congress and support net neutrality today – for the good of everyone.